Zeppelin Craft Beer

Zeppelin Craft Brewery is a cute microbrewery located in Bjelovar. It is a craft brewery that offers unpasteurized and unfiltered beers created according to the recipe of award-winning master brewer Daniel Babić, who is aptly nicknamed Žedni (Thirsty). Every beer they brew is completely natural, made only from water, barley, hops and yeast. They offer six types of beer that are obtained by changing the ratio of hops and malt, and each of these six beers is associated with a character.

The characters they designed are called Merkat, Flamingo, Rakoon, Tapir, Marmun and Pilsss, and each of them represents a member of the Zeppelin crew, and its characteristics can be identified with the characteristics of the beer it represents. Zeppelin Craft Brewery’s goal is to bring beer drinking culture to a wider audience, teach it more about different beer styles and convert those who never became beer lovers because they simply haven’t encountered beer worth tasting.

In addition to offering beer that can be purchased in various stores and online, they also do so through Zeppelin Pub. It is a beer hall opened as part of the brewery at Matice Hrvatske 6 in Bjelovar. Great craft beer and great dishes such as burgers, wings, ribs and other snacks that go well with beer await you there.