The Bjelovar-Bilogora County is a green oasis ideal for hikers, explorers and other nature lovers. This also applies to its towns, which are full of parks, tree-lined streets and green spaces in general where you can enjoy nature despite being surrounded by roads and buildings. Bjelovar itself was adorned with a line of linden and mulberry trees planted as early as 1756, when the construction of the town’s military fortress began, which over the years grew into the main town park on the central Eugen Kvaternik Square, in the center of which proudly stands the Music Pavilion, the largest stone pavilion of its kind throughout Europe.

It is certainly worth mentioning the Borik Memorial area, which is adorned with evergreen trees, a memorial cemetery and a monument to the famous Bjelovar sculptor Vojin Bakić. There are also playgrounds for children as well as trails for walking or jogging. Between Borik and the town center is Radić Square with a park covered with wonderful bushy plants and deciduous trees, which is often called the love park. You will find a breath of fresh air before going on a trip next to the bus and train station on Trg kralja Tomislava. Walking through the town, you will pass through countless other small parks and avenues of trees, of which Dr. I. Lebović’s Promenade stands out, an avenue of old proud plane trees and other trees that impress at first glance.

Beautiful rows of trees beautify the already amazing view on both sides of Hebrang, Starčević, Drašković, Radić, Paljetak, Bušić and Kljaković Street. Smaller parks that are especially loved by parents with children are those next to the kindergarten and the 1st and 4th elementary schools, as well as those in the neighbourhood of King Petar Krešimir IV, around the Bjelovar swimming pools, on Matoš Square, in Andrija Mohorovičić Street. Bjelovar really abounds in wonderful parks and promenades that give you the unique feeling of being in a town that lives in perfect harmony with nature.