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Cyclotourism is one of the most extensive branches of tourism in the Bjelovar-Bilogora County. The hilly landscape of the Bilogora region allows all cyclists to find the ideal route for themselves, from those who like an easy ride with a beautiful view of nature, to those who are eager for more demanding climbs.

For this reason, the County has developed an application called Bjelovarsko Bilogorska Bike Routes, which combines official cycling trails in one place and offers information on the length of the trail, ascent and surface, a pictorial representation, description and cross-section of the route and a number of other important information for all cyclists. The app is completely free and can be downloaded here.


The Bjelovar-Bilogora County abounds in beautifully landscaped cycling trails, among which every cyclist can find what suits his or her style. There are several large bicycle trails of different lengths from which you can choose what suits you best.

Bilogora route

This route starts from the center of Bjelovar towards the northeast, through the towns of Novoseljani, Prokluvani, Radunice, Maglenča, next to the mountain lodge Kamenitovac, at an altitude of 242 m, and then through the towns of Veliko Trojstvo, Maslare and Trojstveni Markovac. The trail is not demanding, it is 27 kilometers long, and along the way you will find catering facilities where you can grab a bite or a drink.

Vineyard route

The route starts from the center of Bjelovar towards the north, through the towns of Ivanovčani, Doljani, Gornje Plavnice, Točak, Zvijerci and again leads to Bjelovar. This is mostly a lowland trail, it is not demanding and it is 16 kilometers long.

Fair Route

The fair route passes along the settlements of Marof, Gudovac, Bjelovar, Brezovac and M. Root along the Bjelovacka stream. It is lowland, not demanding and 16 kilometers long.

County route

This is the largest cycling route by which you can visit the entire county, i.e., its five cities and seven municipalities. It passes through Bjelovar, Nova Rača, Veliki Grđevac, Grubišino Polje, Ivanovo selo, Daruvar, Dežanovac, Garešnica, Gornja Garešnica, Čazma, Siščane, Bolč and Gudovac. It is a corrugated route that is only a small part flat, it is 183 kilometers long and moderately demanding. Cyclists point out that the most attractive part of it is the one between Čazma and Garešnica, where you cycle on the northern slopes of a hill Moslavačka gora. The route mostly passes on low-traffic county roads, only a small part of it is on the state road D-26, a small part passes through Zagreb County, and on the part from Trnovitički Popovac to Gornja Garešnica it overlaps with the International Route.

Balaton International Route - Lonjsko polje

This is a route for true adventurers as it leads all the way from Hungarian Lake Balaton to Lonjsko Polje. In the Bjelovar-Bilogora County, it is 83 kilometers long, and passes through Đurđevac, Banov Stol, Kamenitovac, Bjelovar, Nevinac, Stara Ploščica, Ivanska, Berek, Podgarić and Popovača. It is slightly undulating, only hilly in a small part, and between Berek and Podgarić you will find beautiful views.

Chapel Route

This route passes through low-traffic roads in the villages of Kapela, Babotok, Gornje Zdjelice, Poljančani, Pavlin Kloštar, Stanići and ends again in Kapela. It is 36.8 kilometers long with an altitude difference of 116 meters between the highest and lowest points.


Whichever trail you choose, be sure to always have the Bjelovar Bilogora Bike Routes app with you, as well as a map of bike trails and routes of the county, which can be found here. In addition, there are a number of cycling guides in the county, with which you can engage as a guide on a particular cycling route.

Hrvoje Supančić

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Hrvoje Benšić

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Senad Begić

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In several places in the Bjelovar-Bilogora County, you can rent a bike for free or for a fee.In the city of Bjelovar, you can rent an electric bike at Poljana Dr.Franjo Tudjman next to the Hall of European Champions, at the Promenade of Dr. Ivša Lebović next to the Children’s Department of the Library and in Masarykova Street next to the Bus Station. There are nine bicycles at each station, each station also has simple instructions for use, and an hour of use costs 65 cents.


You will also find several repair shops, repair shops and service stations in the county. You can use the service stations independently, and there are ten of them along the entire county route, which is 183 kilometers long. The stations run on solar energy powered by a tire inflation compressor, cell phone charger and LED light, and have a tank with bicycle repair tools. There are two such stations in Bjelovar (1 and 2), and by clicking on the numbers in brackets you will find out their exact locations.

If you need a more serious bike service, you will find help in three locations. In Bjelovar, these are the Bicycle Shop at the address Šetalište dr. Ivše Lebovića 11, which offers new bicycles, parts, equipment, bicycle rental and bicycle, ski and skate service, and DSG bicycles at Augusta Šenoe 29b, which offers new bicycles, parts, equipment and bicycle service.


If you are a keen cyclist, you can also try one of the BILOgravel challenges during the year. It is a recreational marathon that runs through forest trails, along rivers and streams, through villages and fields of the Bjelovar-Bilogora County, and which is held several times a year, mostly on weekends. Depending on fitness and readiness, participants can choose a red (80 km / 1600 msl), blue (62 km / 1340 msl) or green (47 km / 930 msl) trail, and anyone over 16 years of age can participate.

Each participant comes with their own bike and pays a registration fee of 25 euros, and all that is required before that is to be registered on the official website of BILOgravel. Participants are provided with T-shirts, start numbers, water and refreshments at two feed zones located on each track, as well as lunch and drinks after the challenge. There is no time limit for completing the route in this challenge, so it is really worth it to participate.

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