Museum of the Homeland War

In the city area not far from the center of Bjelovar at the address Stjepan Radić Square 9, the Museum of the Homeland War is located. The people of Bjelovar will often tell you that it is actually a peace museum because it preserves the memory of the events of the Homeland War so that it would never happen again. It was opened by the Society for the Preservation of Croatian Military Tradition, and it is open to the public every Tuesday and Thursday from 6 to 7 p.m.

Permanent museum exhibition of the Homeland War

The permanent museum exhibition is divided into three parts. The first provides an overview of the official uniforms and other features of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Armed Forces of the Republic of Croatia, the second exhibits work and war uniforms and various other equipment, while the third is dedicated to veterans from Bjelovar and Bjelovar-Bilogora County who defended our country in the Homeland War.

The content of the museum exhibition is based on the scientific monograph “The Genealogy of Croatian Armed Forces 1990-1996” by Marin Sabolović from Bjelovar, and more than 400 authentic items are gathered in it, among which the uniforms and their features stand out. The museum is digitized and interactive, and in addition to the permanent exhibition on Stjepan Radić Square, it also consists of an outdoor display known as the Information and Education Center of the Homeland War, which includes the Barutana 1991 Memorial Area and the Museum of the Operational Zone and Bjelovar Assembly Area.

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    Trg Stjepana Radića 9

Barutana 1991 Memorial Area

The Barutana Memorial Area, which is also called Bjelovar’s Hiroshima, is one of the particularly emotional places you can visit in Bjelovar. Located in the Bedenik forest, in the northwestern part of the city, the area was renovated and opened in 2020, and serves as a painful reminder of those who died and suffered in the defence of the city during the Homeland War.

Barutana 1991 nowadays contains a monument to fallen veterans, a chapel and an information and educational center, and there is also an educational trail with 14 information panels that follow the development of events right from the breakup of Yugoslavia through the Homeland War and key events in it, to the last military and law enforcement operations. The T55 tank and the BVP M80, the original infantry fighting vehicle, can also be viewed in the area.

Museum of the Operational Zone and the Bjelovar Assembly Area

The Museum of the Operational Zone and the Bjelovar Assembly Area is part of the aforementioned informational and educational center within Barutana. In addition to the already mentioned educational trail and outdoor exhibition, the Museum hides a number of indoor contents. These are primarily interactive stagings of important local and national events that marked the Homeland War, but also a memorial room in which all fallen veterans of Barutana and the Bjelovar area in general are honored, and a corridor with a 25-meter long timeline with the history of the Homeland War and an overview of other events during the war.

In the attic, there is a gallery where art by painters from the wider Bjelovar area is exhibited, and which mainly focus on the Homeland War.

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