To get to know the soul of Bjelovar, you have to get to know the hussars. Bjelovar border guards – hussars 1756 is the name of a special historical military unit that was founded in 2008 and was first deployed on June 14 of the same year. The unit is a kind of tribute to the military and equestrian history of Bjelovar and Bilogora, which goes back to the 18th century, when the town was founded. At that time, hussar soldiers wore dark blue uniforms with different colors of coats, belts and lapels depending on which regiment they belonged to. The color of those parts of the uniform could be dark or light blue or dark or light green. They used the Gidran horse breed, which was appropriated by the Habsburg Monarchy in the 19th century and used as military horses in all its cavalry units.

The unit was abolished in 1871, but its legacy has not been forgotten and is still cherished today. The uniforms worn by the new unit are replicas of 18th century hussar uniforms. They consist of a red jacket with yellow embroidery, a dark blue coat with yellow embroidery and dark blue breeches, high black boots, black boots with yellow trim, a cloth belt also in yellow and dark blue shades, a white belt and a red and yellow purse. The hussar flag has the shape of a swallow’s tail, and it is decorated with the old Croatian coat of arms with yellow braid, the historical coat of arms of the city of Bjelovar, the coat of arms of the Kingdom of Dalmatia, Croatia and Slavonia and, of course, the inscription Bjelovar border guards – hussars 1756.

In addition to their most important companion, the Gidran horse, which was decorated with a red cover with a yellow border, the hussars in the 18th century also carried sabers M1769, pistols M 1744 and hunting carbines. Today, they do not participate in battles and wars, but are welcome guests at various tourist and cultural events in the Bjelovar-Bilogora County, as well as in the whole of Croatia.


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