Bjelovar-Bilogora County is special in that its mountains are relatively low compared to the mountains in other parts of Croatia, especially those in Dalmatia and Gorski Kotar. But this is exactly what makes them attractive to all sports fans, including hikers. Bilogora is the perfect mountain for all types of hikers, and what everyone will certainly need, whichever trail they take, is a quality hiking map in case you don’t get lost.

The Tourist Board of Bjelovar-Bilogora County has created an interactive map that will serve as a great guide to hiking trails, and includes information about mountain lodges, tourist attractions, viewpoints and everything else that will be useful to you on your hike. Find it here.


Bilogora is the lowest mountain in the Bjelovar-Bilogora County, with the highest peak of only 309 meters, but that is why it is one of the most spacious mountains in Croatia. The Bilogora Hiking Society, which gathers hikers and lovers of this mountain, was founded in 1924. Every year on the third Sunday in April, this society organizes the event Spring on Bilogora, in which several hundred hikers participate, and usually everything is accompanied by good food and quality music.

If you are climbing Bilogora for the first time

We recommend that you try the Bilogora Trail hiking trail, since it is a circular trail where you will walk 15 kilometers, visit four control points and enjoy the beauty of this mountain for about four hours. You can find refreshments at the Kamenitovac mountain lodge, which was opened in 1951 and is still a favourite place for rest for hikers, locals and tourists.


If you are going to Bilogora with children

Consider the Bilogora educational trail, which was opened in 2020. It is 250 meters long, and along the entire trail there are 20 information points where you can learn everything about this mountain, its flora and fauna through text and photos. Another great option is the Mali Bilogorci children’s trail, which is somewhat more specific, it is four kilometers long, takes about an hour to walk and has three checkpoints (Sunčana livada, Medin izvor and Planinarski dom), and on each of them there are stamps that can print in the children’s diary. Upon completion and collection of all stamps, the children will receive a magnet with the logo of this trail as a gift.

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