Babotučka vojna

The Babotučka Vojna is one of the youngest events in the Bjelovar area, and it got its name from a legend that has been passed down from generation to generation for 500 years in the area of the municipality of Zrinski Topolovac. At the Babotučka Vojna event, this legend is reenacted on stage with more than a hundred characters in the costumes of Ottoman soldiers and mythological creatures, among whom the Vedi, the loud giants who according to legend once lived in the forests of Bilogora, stand out.

The legend is staged precisely in Zrinski Topolovac, where it originated, and it was adapted for the stage by Slaven Klobučar based on the text of Gordana Marta Matuci, who saved it from oblivion by writing it down in 1961. Babotučka Vojna takes place in June, and the fact that the process of registering it in the Register of Cultural Property of the Republic of Croatia is currently underway shows how important it is for this region.